Sourdough breads

Dench Bakers are one of the few bakers in Melbourne offering a full organic sourdough bread. This we are proud of and along with our signature sourdoughs we offer superior bread products and pastries.


Grain Loaf - One of our most popular loaves. A mix of certified organic stoneground, wholemeal and white wheat flours blended with linseed and sunflower kernels. All wrapped up in sesame seeds.

Light Rye - Made with organic stoneground unbleached rye and wheat flours. Only 30% rye this loaf is a great sandwich loaf without being too dense. We do a 100% Rye - Schwrzbrot - if you are looking for more intense flavour.

Superseed - a 9 seed and grain blend of rye, barley, maize, mung bean, linseed, millet, roasted buckwheat, poppy and sesame seeds.

House White - Organic stoneground and roller milled wheat flour. The stone ground flour gives depth of flavour, where the milled wheat flour adds good body.

House Stone - A beautifully light wholemeal bread. Organic Stoneground wheat and rye flour with added wheat bran makes this brown bread a great alternative to our house white.

Olive & Rosemary - Kalamata olives and fresh rosemary folded through organic stoneground wheat flour dough.


Lightly yeasted

Brioche Loaf - A light loaf enriched with Free Range Eggs and Butter.

Ciabatta - Made from a traditional ciabatta recipe, they have a crispy crust and fluffy inside made from a combination of organic wheat flours.

Baguette - the right ratio of crunch to soft.

Raisin Loaf - An organic stoneground wholemeal and wheat flour dough combined with pureed oranges, fresh ginger and juicy Australian sultanas and currants.